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Natural Conception After IVF Treatment

By Femelife Fertility IVF is used to overcome female infertility in the woman due to problems of the fallopian tube, making fertilisation in vivo difficult or due to problems in the partner like decreased sperm quality and quantity. For IVF to be successful it typically requires healthy ova, sperm that can fertilise, and a uterus that can maintain a pregnancy....

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Cost of fertility treatment is the single most deciding factor to have a baby     Why IVF treatment is costly?   IVF treatment is a programmed procedure extending from 4 to 6 weeks of time. It includes treatment for both the couples simultaneously. Initial investigations for both the couple may vary from 5000 -50 000 INR depending on the...

Premature Birth : Health Issues

When you call it as ‘Premature Birth’ ? Premature birth is a birth that takes place more than three weeks before estimated due date of delivery. Premature birth is one that takes place … Source: Premature Birth : Health Issues

Tips To Improve Fertility

Tips To Improve Fertility

   Fertility is a natural process  in the body and is the result of the union of an egg  with a sperm which give rise to an embryo that grows into a baby inside the uterus.    Factors which de… Source: Tips To Improve Fertility