IVF Success Stories: Dreams of Parenthood

IVF success stories
IVF success stories

Do I need IVF Treatment?

This question arises in many anxious couples who are trying for a baby for some time. Couples like Ankita and Sanjay also gave a thought about it after 3 years of trying for a baby. As IVF treatment has been advertised on many platforms, it was easy for them to be aware of it. But all fertility process doesn’t mean IVF treatment. In order to realize your IVF success stories, you should be aware of all fertility-enhancing methods.

Signs of Ovulation

     Not all the patients attending the IVF clinic need fertility treatment. So as to say around 80% of couples will naturally conceive in the first 6 months of attempting pregnancy. In fact, many women like Ankita are not aware of the signs and symptoms of ovulation. The first thing you can do is gain knowledge about your cycles and fertility calendar. Awareness about the fertile period, calculation of your ovulatory days is some of the basic knowledge about fertility. You should slowly try to notice a few changes in the body which occur cyclically. Signs of ovulation cramping occurs in the middle of your cycle. Profuse vaginal discharge which is not itchy is a sign of ovulation mucus. Increased body temperature is noticed by some women after ovulation. Breast pain is also a sign of ovulation, it is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy after ovulation.

What can add to your IVF success stories?

  • Avoiding pollution is the best way to start with. Try to keep away from noisy, crowded places and inhale fresh air. Keep your surroundings clean and natural.
  • Smoking and junk food are more dangerous for fertility. You can start reducing slowly. But aim to come out of it completely by 6 months to a year.
  • Reducing stress is important at home and workplace. Don’t let the angry you inside come out and occupy your brain.
  • Controlling chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes may also improve a couple’s chances of fertility.
  • Couples with underlying medical or genetic conditions should get screened by doctors so that they can increase their overall health before conceiving.
  • Overweight men interested in optimizing fertility are encouraged to attain an ideal body weight before fertility treatment.
  • Antioxidants such as vitamins E and C should be supplemented. These vitamins have been found to result in a slight increase in both sperm count and movement.
  • Maintaining an ideal weight avoids PCOS {polycystic ovaries} hence improves the quality of egg and chances of ovulation.
  • Good sleep and avoiding anxiety also are a part of fertility enhancement and add to your dreams of IVF success stories.

 Why IVF is done?

  If the natural methods are not working for you, your consultant may advise a few screening tests for both of you. Investigations are aimed at finding fault with egg or sperm. Semen analysis for male fertility is a simple test in men. Similarly, few hormone tests and ultrasound of pelvis can indicate any fault in the woman. If these tests are found to be normal maybe you can try for a few more cycles with some medications like ovulation-inducing drugs. At times this treatment fails if the fallopian tubes are blocked. Tubes can be checked by an X-ray called HSG or by laparoscopy where the specialist can visualize your reproductive organs.

Vijaya Kumar Palani

The hospital and management are very compassionate and understanding… the Quality of the Care Process is great, Communication turn around times are very quick, staff involvement in the decision-making process is very good and tangential to our understanding, follow-up care extremely good. Over all the the hospital staff are very good and the Doctor is extremely great.
Keep up the good work and highly recommendable.

Things to improve fertility and IVF success stories

      Fertility enhancement by natural methods is encouraged by many fertility centers. Healthy Lifestyle like dietary interventions and moderate exercise can improve fertility rates in young couples. Like many aspects of our health, fertility is improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle. For maintaining an ideal weight, a diet rich in antioxidants (found in fruits and vegetables) helps. In addition, multi-vitamins may improve the quality of the egg and sperm.

Regularly cycling women often ovulate normally. Irregular cycles indicate hormone imbalance and will need correction. Diet and regular exercise can correct hormone problems in some women with PCOD. Antioxidant-rich foods also help in improving egg quality in women.

sravanthi karlapudi

Best fertility center in Chennai….. we are very happy for the treatment.. Excellent service, we have to thank Dr. Nabaneetha madam for giving excellent treatment… All the staffs are very friendly and co- operative without any hesitation doctor cleared all our doubts patiently… For any doubts we can reach…. they provide clear information …. I recommend to this hospital for Best fertility Centre.

IUI treatment success rate

          If your fallopian tubes are healthy then you will be asked for a simple fertility treatment called IUI. IUI is done for young couples without any evidence of problems in their investigations. But you should not forget that IUI is successful only in 9-10% cases in one cycle. Hence be prepared to undergo IUI for 3 to 5 cycles.

How to make IUI treatment successful?

               A highly successful IUI program requires active customization of protocols and the selection of appropriate patient groups. A precise follicular tracking program gives us more information about the growing oocyte. In addition, controlling the quality of eggs by the use of fertility drugs and the timing of IUI is crucial for better success rates by IUI. You may be advised a downregulated IUI protocol which gives optimum success in PCOS patients. In spite of all normal tests 15% couple don’t conceive naturally or by IUI and it can be termed as unexplained infertility.

When to start IVF treatment?

After 3 to 4 years of trying all these methods unsuccessfully, your consultant may suggest IVF treatment. However, you may be advised IVF early if you have any of the following –

  1. Your partner has defects in semen analysis like low count or unhealthy sperm.
  2. If you are elderly and your ovaries are getting exhausted of eggs.
  3. Blocked fallopian tubes.
  4. You have resistant PCOS
  5. Low AMH or poor ovarian reserve.

Kj creations

I take this moment to thank Madam Dr. Nabaneetha who had brought our dreams come true. When we met her she gave a lot of hope, understood our problems patiently and assured us that we will step out with our new family member. Today it has become real. As mam promised us we have got today. I am so happy at this moment. I thank the Dr and other staff members who have been so kind, disciplined in handling patients. The entire hospital seems to be like our own home when we step inside. Docter consultation and her treatment are cost worth. I recommend people who are dreaming for a cute boy or girl baby can visit once as a couple and can move out as a family of three or four members. Every where God cannot directly meet people so at times he sends some one to help us in solving issues Dr is one such person.

Madam once again a heartfelt thanks and wish you and your team a bright future ahead.May live long and serve people like us who are in need. Thanks ☺️👍

We have many IVF success stories

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