ivf treatment cost in chennai

IVF Treatment Cost

You may have enquired about IVF treatment at various fertility centers in Chennai. The hIgh cost of IVF treatment often forces patients to withdraw treatment. Many patients requiring IVF  can not afford the treatment cost. However, do not get hopeless as Femelife Fertility offers the best price and financial assistance for your IVF journey.

How IVF treatment starts?

IVF treatment starts with daily hormone injections to the female partner. These fertility medications are costly and they may cost around one lakh rupees. Along with these injections, your doctor will continuously monitor growth of follicles. The duration of the injections depends on the protocol decided by the IVF specialist. The protocol varies among patients. It can be of long or short duration depending on your hormone reports. Daily injections with continuous monitoring will continue till your follicles attain optimum size. Once the follicular growth is satisfactory you are ready for collection of eggs. Your doctor will perform oocyte retrieval or egg collection in an operating room under sedation. This procedure cost will be around 30,000 -50,000 INR.

IVF is a programmed procedure

IVF treatment is a programmed procedure extending from 4 to 6 weeks of time. The treatment cost includes both the couples simultaneously. Initial investigations for both the couple may vary from 5000 -50 000 INR depending on the extent of the problem. Before starting your IVF treatment your fertility specialist will conduct several tests on you and your partner. These are to exclude any existing disorders like hypertension, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, heart disorders, skin diseases, infections, and inflammatory diseases. You may require special tests on your uterus like saline sonography or hysteroscopy. DNA fragment test and semen culture for your partner will be necessary among other tests.

IVF or ICSI procedure

IVF or ICSI procedure requires a laboratory with advanced microscopes and hi-tech equipment. It usually takes 3 to 5 days to grow the embryos in the laboratory. There are various optional procedures along with IVF. Your embryologist may decide in the laboratory apart from IVF/ICSI depending on your need. In the ICSI process, a tiny needle, called a micropipette, injects a single sperm into the center of the egg. Fertilizations achieved through ICSI can be up to 80-90% whereas through IVF treatment it is around 50 -60 %. The fertilized egg (now called an embryo) grows in a laboratory for 2 to 5 days. The cost of ICSI procedure at Femelife Fertility is around  80,000 INR.

How IVF Treatment in Chennai can be affordable?

Couples from all over India prefer Chennai for IVF Treatment as it is a health hub. Even patients fly from countries like Singapore, Srilanka, Malaysia, Dubai, and Canada in search of affordable IVF. Classic IVF treatment differs from low-cost IVF in many aspects. Here are few differences before you choose a set of treatment protocols.

ProcedureAdvanced ICSI Cost of treatment INRLow cost IVFYou save INR
Initial investigationsIncludes screening of both partners10,000Choose a cheaper Lab5000
IVF ProtocolRecombinant Injections80,000HMG can be used40,000
IVF/ICSIICSI is preferred80000Can go for IVF30000
Assisted hatchingCan be considered if required20000Avoided20000
Blastocyst cultureUsually done20000Day 3 transfer20000
Embryo freezingIncluded 20000Can be avoided20000
Total cost2,30,000Total reduction1,35,000
IVF Treatment Cost In Chennai

Assisted hatching

Assisted hatching is generally not recommended for everybody. If you have previously failed with IVF procedure the your embryologist may perform laser hatching on the embryo. It will additionally cost you 20,000 -30,000 INR. Also, older women undergoing IVF treatment will require hatching of embryos.

Embryos Culture

Usually, embryos require 2 to 3 days for culture before embryo transfer. Extending the culture up to 5 days results in blastocysts. IVF treatment cost in Chennai at Femelife Fertility includes the cost of blastocyst culture. Other fertility centers may charge additionally for this procedure.

PGD/PGS for IVF treatment

Couples struggling with genetic diseases may opt for PGD to have the baby free of disease. PGD/PGS is a costly treatment and requires a specialized laboratory. Usually, IVF centres in Chennai do not offer PGD/PGSall. This procedure will cost you additional one lakh rupees with the IVF package.

Embryo transfer

This procedure costs around 20- 30,000 rupees. Your fertility specialist may go for a fresh embryo transfer if everything goes well. In cases of OHSS or thin endometrium, your cycle needs cancellation. You have to wait for one or two cycles for a frozen embryo transfer. It may add up to your cost.

Embryo Freezing

Embryo freezing is done for preserving surplus embryos. If you have extra embryo after the embryo transfer your fertility centre will keep it frozen with your consent. Embryos can be preserved in the cryo-frozen state for many years. Embryos are also frozen if cycle gets cancelled due to any reason. This costs you 20,000 INR annually.

Egg Freezing

Women wanting to delay pregnancy may keep their eggs frozen for years till appropriate time to conceive. This may cost 1,50,000 to 2,00,000 for them.

Your partners sperm will be checked and frozen before starting IVF procedure. It is kept as a backup sample for the day of egg collection. Also people travelling far off can keep their semen sample frozen for use during IVF process. This costs 5,000- 10,000 INR.

Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst transfer may not incur any extra cost if you have already paid for blastocyst culture and embryo transfer.

IVF and Insurance

IVF treatment in India is not covered by insurance. Health insurance policies don’t include infertility treatment in their listing. Since Government hospitals don’t have facilities for IVF treatment, the entire IVF treatment cost is borne by patients themselves. However, IVF pregnancy care can be claimed by insurance including newborn care after childbirth.

IVF treatment cost in India

IVF treatment costs around 150000 to 200000 INR per cycle in India. It varies in different private healthcare settings. As we have discussed IVF treatment requires various steps and a series of tests and medications. It also requires a costly setup of equipment and expertise. Hence the treatment costs are not cheaper at most fertility centres in India.

The high cost of IVF treatment is the main barrier that prevents many needy couples from pursuing the treatment. The development of low-cost IVF is very encouraging for these patients. A simplified culture system and use of urinary low-cost injections it can be reduced by up to 90%.

Mini IVF or low cost IVF

Low-cost medication for ovarian stimulation can reduce the cost of IVF treatment. Mini IVF uses less number of injection days at lower dosage. In this procedure you have less complications but the oocyte yield is also less.

Egg Sharing

Egg sharing is a procedure by which women donate a part of their oocyte retrieved. Women with low affordability and with good ovarian reserve can share their eggs for compensation. Chennai offers affordable donor egg ICSI and egg sharing offers. Chennai egg rate is much lower in the best IVF treatment center Femelife.

Success Rates at Femelife

The high success rates at Femelife is contributed by our dedicated staff, doctors and embryologists. Our IVF success is reflected in our high take home baby rate, minimal biochemical pregnancy and reduced miscarriage rate. We have delivered above 5000 babies in our various centers during last 8 years and have helped the families to fulfil their dream.

Stress and Fertility

Extreme stress may affect fertility, women with high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that correlates with stress, have difficulty in getting pregnant.  Stress can affect the functioning of the hypothalamus and the hormones that controls ovaries to release eggs. Physical stress or emotional stress does interfere with  menstrual cycle and alters the  release of eggs. Stress and depression can lead to miscarriages.

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