Stem cell for male infertility

Stem cell treatment for male infertility

The main causes of male infertility include defects in sperm production and maturation giving rise to abnormal sperm quality and quantity. Male infertility issues like erectile dysfunction are treatable at any age. One of the most essential factors which can be responsible for the improvement of fertility in men is related to treating comorbidities like diabetes, coronary heart diseases, prostate cancer, etc. Usually infertile male with problems in sperm count and quality undergo ICSI treatment. But, this treatment may not provide a solution if their semen analysis is too bad. In those cases stem cell therapy for male infertility is a promising option.

How to identify the problems in men?

At Femelife fertility, quantitative seminal evaluation is carried out to assess the underlying reason related to male infertility. This is observed with the aid of physical examination along with understanding of scientific history. Few cases undergo different investigations like a testicular biopsy, transrectal ultrasound, etc. to conclude the cause of infertility. Stem cells are precursor cells which can be grown into almost any type of cell as required. They have been widely regarded as a promising option for fertility treatments, which could even correct genetic diseases in offspring.

Can you grow sperm from stem cells?

If you have fertility issues, your doctor will advise assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to achieve pregnancy. It can increase the pregnancy rate but these methods can not help gametes regeneration and are also restricted by immune system intervention. However, stem cell technique can cover the shortcomings of the above methods. Stem cells can multiply extensively. These produce similar copies of sperm for the patient. Self-renewal and tissue repair characteristics of stem cells are regarded as great prospects for the treatment of male fertility. Refractory infertility diseases, such as non-obstructive azoospermia (NOA), oligospermia, asthenospermia, and severe teratozoospermia can be treated by this.

Sexual dysfunction in male can be treated

Stem cell therapy for male infertility includes the injection of a mesenchymal stem cell population. This is isolated from bone marrow samples collected from the same patient. After processing, this is injected into the penis via cavernosal arteries.

Some Common Problems in Male fertility:

Erectile dysfunction

Despite many technical advances, erectile Dysfunction remains to be a major issue in men. Because of related comorbidities like diabetes mellitus, coronary heart issues, vascular disorder, etc. this problem gets accentuated. Studies have indicated that extended degeneration of smooth muscle cells found in corpus cavernosum. Related vascular disorders are also seen in erectile Dysfunction. However, with advanced technology, it’s far now clear that stem cells and their secreted proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids in extracellular vesicles can affect the microenvironment to enhance blood flow, decrease cellular degeneration and enhance the regeneration of misplaced cells.


Azoospermia is a condition characterized by zero sperm count in the test and it accounts for 20-30% of the fertility-associated problems in men. In this situation, the multi-differentiation ability of stem cells allows for hormonal regularization and growth of new sperm cells. As a result we can see the possibilities of a reversal of fertility problems. Besides, stem cells can enhance cell communication via multiplied activities and paracrine actions. This similarly looks after genetic dysfunctions related to no sperm count.


The therapeutic ability of stem cells has been examined in numerous in vitro, preclinical research. It has confirmed their function in gamete processing in situations like oligospermia, characterized by limited production of sperms. Fortunately, the era has now enabled us to provide stem cell regeneration for therapeutic use. Extracellular vesicles, additionally referred to as exosomes are the genetic copies of secreting cells. Together with the identical content material as that of unique cells they can produce similar molecules. It is observed to be tremendously effective in reversing numerous reproductive issues because of their capacity to promote cell regeneration. This happens via more suitable cell signaling, higher secretion of numerous crucial increase factors and genetic manipulation through epigenetic changes.

Therapy protocol of stem cell for male infertility

Who qualifies for the therapy?

Initial counseling by an expert doctor is a prerequisite before this therapy. Once the experts are satisfied you can go with stem cell therapy. They might prescribe a few protection and efficacy assessments. This assists to know approximately the severity of disease. Further to which, a number of the simple checks also can be prescribed that may help to investigate your eligibility for the treatment. Although stem cell therapy has been mentioned as an absolutely safe and risk-free procedure, ethical and legal consent is a necessity.

Pre-Treatment Assessments: Routine Blood Tests, Infectious Diseases Testing, Urine Analysis, Physical Examination, X Ray
Pre-Operative Assessments: Surgical Correction , MRI , CT Scan ,Medical History

From where to collect stem cells for male infertility?

Under local anesthesia, the doctor will extract stem cells from your own body. As in step with standardized protocol, a requisite quantity of cells may be extracted. The whole method should no longer take extra than 7-8 hrs. With the physician’s approval and guidance, the source from which stem cells are to be collected is decided. In affected persons may be prescribed stem cells isolated from Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue, as those are the most effective autologous sources available. However, in definite cases, each source may be applied for a higher outcome. Doctors also can recommend stem cell stimulation therapy for some, depending upon the severity and requirement.

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells Extraction

One of the senior Neurosurgeon will extract the bone marrow from the hip girdle. Normally, the method takes around thirty-forty five minutes. Local anesthesia is first administered at the area of the skin that is to be punctured. Option of general anesthesia is available for patients who want it. Once the extraction is done, the sample might be straight away transferred to clean room facility for processing.

Adipose Tissue Derived Adult Stem Cells Extraction

One of the operating surgeons will extract an adipose tissue from a place of the body, that is generally a pre-umbilical area; wherein sufficient quantity of fats is available. Once the area is confirmed, an affected person can be requested to lie in a supine position. He can be given a local anesthesia. A 60 CC cannula is inserted below the subcutaneous layer and about 100 CC adipose tissue is collected. Once the aspiration is complete, the tissue can be right now transferred to the clean room for similar processing.

Laboratory Processing of stem cells for male infertility

Cell processing and storage guides for exceptional stem cell transplants and cell therapy programs are available with the laboratory. Once the supply of stem cells is extracted from the patients, the sample when obtained is processed through minimal manipulation for stem cell enrichment; The guidelines are informed through regulatory authorities. All the approaches are observed below strict aseptic conditions, ultra-modern laboratory. Modern laboratory should be ready with the most advanced era and current instruments consisting of

  • Biosafety cabinets
  • Comparison microscope
  • Automatic cell counter
  • Storage facility
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Cell factories
  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Refrigerator
  • Deep Freezers

Quality Assessment and control

Each step observed through us is demonstrated with the assistance of stringent high-satisfactory control techniques. Also, all the methods are supervised and accepted through quality assessment. The team evaluates microbial content, cell number, and viability, endotoxin analysis, mycoplasma testing, sterility testing, etc. Laboratory processes are automatic and are in a completely closed system. Each step is documentation is essential for analysis. The data can be retrieved at any point in time for addition analysis. The extracted sample takes to the authorities permitted cGMP laboratory for processing. The sample will go through minimal manipulation in complete automatic technology for enriching with the stem cell culture. The isolated stem cells are best for quality, purity and viability.

Stem Cell Implantation

Depending upon the patient’s physiological and mental well being, your expert finalizes the tissue. The laboratory cultures male germ cells through differentiation from bone marrow/adipose derived stem cells. Your doctor will then inject stem cell doses into testis. Stem cells can be injected intra-testicular and intravenously. Intra testicular injection consists of bilateral testicular stem cell injection. An ultrasound of the testes after the method will make sure proper depth of stem cell injection.

Bone marrow-derived MSCs are adherent and heterogeneously assembled fibroblasts. These may be involved in blood vessel proliferation, immunoregulation, and regeneration of gametes in the testes. Stem cell therapy is an advanced and promising era to treat male infertility.

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