Surrogacy cost in India

Surrogacy Cost in India: Affordable and Successful

   The surrogacy treatment center is the place for infertile couples to begin their family with a woman who comes forward to help. This procedure is documented with a legal procedure. There are many surrogacy treatment centers in India to facilitate infertile couples to get a biological child. Surrogacy is combined with different IVF techniques. It involves childless couples and gay couples to complete their family with Hitech facilities. With the latest records, it’s been seen that the demand for Surrogacy has gone up rapidly. Surrogacy cost in India is a bigger hindrance for such procedure.

Cost of surrogacy in Femelife

Surrogacy at Femelife Fertility in Kolkata is a completely transparent procedure and is comparatively lower priced. The average surrogacy cost in India, along with all medical expenses and surrogacy fees is around 10 lakhs.  Although it seems like a huge amount for treatment for low- and middle-income groups you can cut back some of these expenses with your own effort.  However, you have to take care of the surrogate well throughout the procedure of surrogacy and through the pregnancy period till delivery. You must include the expenses for the surrogate mother’s recovery and wellbeing also which may extend till 6 months post-delivery.

Why you require to take care of surrogate mother?

         A surrogate mother is the one who comes forward to help you in times of your need. We have seen many couples coming and explaining their pain of not having a child. In such a difficult time you may not find somebody near and dear to help you. Whereas the commercial surrogates are the one who takes the pain of bearing your child although the process may be painful and risky. She gives up her family responsibilities for a year or more to complete your family. In addition, she may have to give up an earning on which her family depends upon. Also. she gives up her mother years and her children make a sacrifice too. She may face immediate or long-term medical complications owing to the pregnancy she bore for you. All these make her deserve compensation amounting enough to take care of her loss and sacrifice.

What is the cost of surrogacy treatment in India?

 Surrogacy cost in India for treatment includes three different parts.

  • IVF treatment
  • Expenses for surrogate
  • Compensation for surrogate

The cost of surrogacy treatment finally becomes a huge amount once you add up all these expenses. IVF treatment is not a sure success procedure and it may require repeated attempts before you succeed. Your surrogacy cost for IVF treatment is around 1.5 Lakh INR to 2 lakh INR for each cycle. In other words, this amount is around 3000 USD at almost each fertility center in India.

Expenses for the surrogate are also you have to take care of. Each cycle you have to take care of her medicine, travel, and food expenditures. Surrogate takes a lesser amount when her cycle is negative. This amount to around 50 to 60 thousand INR each cycle. Once she is pregnant you have to take care of her medical expenses till delivery. Biological parents also have to pay for any complications of IVF treatment or medical ailments. Her food, sanitation, and hygiene have to be taken care of. She will need a maid or domestic help which you have to provide. Overall, these expenses will amount to another 3 to 4 lakh INR.

Compensation to the surrogate is variable. Depending on her demand you have to compensate her. At times you may have to hire a surrogate through an agency. In this case, you have to bear the cost of agency charges as well. Usually, it costs around 4 to 5 lakh INR in Kolkata.

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