Home Pregnancy Test

Home Pregnancy Test: Do It Yourself With Kits

A home pregnancy test is used for to determine whether the woman is pregnant. The two primary methods are

• Pregnancy test is testing for human pregnancy hormones

 (human chorionic gonadotropin hCG) in blood or urine of women who had pregnancy symptoms

• Another pregnancy test is Ultrasonography testing blood for hCG results in the earliest detection of pregnancy

Almost all pregnancy test individuals will have a positive urine pregnancy test one week after the first day of missed menstrual periods

Facts of Pregnancy test

The pregnancy tests work by detecting a hormone in a women’s blood or urine: hCG is produced when an egg implanted in the uterus. These are of two types : One is blood and the other one is urine.

In most home pregnancy test detect HCG in a urine stream and when after few minutes a line or symbol appears. if the pregnancy test is positive that indicating pregnancy. Most urine pregnancy test instructions urge a second test in a few days it’s no matter what were the first results and follow the package instructions and if control indicators do not appear then the results should not be trusted

In home pregnancy test may give positive on the first day of missed periods but almost all detect pregnancy show after missed period?

If you have any quarries or problems in pregnancy test that should be discussed with doctors.

What is the home test and how does it work?

Pregnancy test is to check your urine or blood for the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Your body makes this hormone after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of uterus.

Pregnancy test is usually happens about 6days after fertilization. Levels of that HCG will rise quickly, doubling every 2 to 3 days.

What are the types of pregnancy test available?

Two main types of pregnancy test are blood test and urine test

Blood test for pregnancy

This pregnancy test can detect pregnancy earlier than a home pregnancy test about 6 to 8 days after ovulation. Blood test takes longer to get the results than with a home pregnancy test.

In pregnancy blood test, there are two type:

Qualitative hCG test is simple pregnancy test to check for hCG. This pregnancy test show yes or no answer to the pregnancy test.

 The doctor often order for these pregnancy blood test to confirm pregnancy as early as 10days after conception. Some pregnancy test can detect  hCG much earlier.

Quantitative hCG test is a simple beta hCG test that measures the exact amount og hCG in blood. This pregnancy test can find even very low levels of hCG. This pregnancy test may helps to track problems during pregnancy. Here doctor may use them along with other tests to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, when the fertilized egg implants outside of the uterus or after miscarriage, when hCG levels fall quickly

Urine tests for pregnancy

You can take this urine test for pregnancy at home or may in hospitals

Along with the being private and convenient, home pregnancy test are quickly and easy to use and find for pregnancy. This urine pregnancy test is also very accurate if you follow the directions. The urine pregnancy test will all work in a similar way. For that pregnancy test followed these way:

  • Hold the urine pregnancy test stick in urine stream.
  • Collect the urine in cap and dip the urine pregnancy test stick into it.
  • Collect the urine in a cup and uses a dropper to put the urine into a another container.

You must wait for few minutes before seeing the results, after the results you must consultant with doctors, whatever may be the results is.

 Home pregnancy test
Home pregnancy test

How accurate are the home pregnancy test?

Urine home pregnancy tests are about 98% accurate. Blood tests are even more accurate in hospital

A home pregnancy test accuracy depends on:

  •  How closely you may follow the instruction given in that kit
  • Depends upon when ovulation and how soon the eggs implants
  •  How soon after the pregnancy start and need to take the test
  • The sensitivity of the pregnant test will depend on the pregnancy test

When I need to take this test at home?

Some pregnancy test can spot hCG before you missed your periods. But the home pregnancy results will be more accurate if you wait until the first day of a missed periods

Results may also be more accurate when you do the pregnancy test at morning where the first urine is concentrated.

Where can I get this test kit?

You can buy the home pregnancy test kit in medical shop or drug store without the prescription. The cost of pregnancy test kit depends on the brand you used. The urine pregnancy test kit is not that much expensive.

What does pregnancy test results mean?

Results may show up a line, a color, or symbol as “+” or “ –“

Digital pregnancy test kit will show the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. Its is important to know what the results means.

If you get positive results means you are pregnant. There is no matter how the faint the line , colour or sign is in the pregnancy test kit. If you get the positive results means then you need to go to doctor for confirmation.

In rare cases only you can have a false positive results. That means you are not pregnant but the pregnancy test kit shows positive. The false positive results is because you may have blood or protein in your urine. Certain drugs may give false positive results such drugs are anticonvulsant, fertility drugs etc.

If you get negative result means you are not pregnant, but if you have pregnancy symptoms just try retesting within about a week to double check the pregnancy. Some home pregnancy test suggest doing retry and the no matter what may be the results are.

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